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Personalized academic coaching.

Time management, organizational, planning, and study skills. These are the tools that pave the way to every student’s success, in school, college, and beyond. Luckily, these are skills that can be taught, strengthened, and mastered… with the right help.

Say goodbye to unhealthy stress, over-scheduling, sleep deprivation, and missed assignments. And say hello to Lesley Martin. Lesley has been working directly with students, both at home and in school, to help them manage their time and workload for over 15 years. She uses proven strategies for long-term academic success based on research and her own extensive experiences. Learn more about Lesley.

Each student is unique. Your child needs a customized program to address needed areas of improvement in his or her own learning style. Lesley works directly with your child to determine the best path to success, coaching him or her on how to get there and coaching you on how to provide the most effective support.

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