Tools to help students succeed

When I started tutoring I realized that students had to be masters of time management, organization and self-advocacy skills to keep up with the demands of seven different classes, extra-curricular activities and family life. Through each of these experiences, I increasingly recognized the ways in which I could help students unlock their potential for success.

I drew upon these collective experiences and expertise I had developed to create something that could benefit students beyond my classroom or my private tutoring sessions. I wanted to develop educational products, informed by what I learned from working with students in these contexts, to share with students far and wide. Much of my tutoring focused on helping students to develop better time management skills. I realized they needed a better tool than what the schools were providing them. Specifically, the planners that the students used to record and manage their homework did not reflect the way that students viewed their days. Using my graphic design background (I worked as a production artist right out of college) and lots of student input, I created the first prototype of a ClassTracker customized planner and I gave to one to each of my clients. Seven years and many prototypes later, ClassTracker planners are now distributed by schools to over 7,500 students in the Bay Area.

Since not all students are provided ClassTrackers, I wanted to find a way to offer students and their families to create their own customized planner. At My ClassTracker™, Students design their own planner by selecting a weekly layout that best matches their own school’s schedule, adding in important dates and birthdays and choosing a cover design.

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