Set up a homework folder to keep track of daily assignments

For students who have trouble remembering what they have for homework and/or to turn in their completed work, I recommend a very simple tool: the homework folder. The homework folder is the single place a student uses to store what then need to complete (“TO DO”) and what they need to turn in (“TO TURN IN”).

Set up is easy. Buy a bright colored folder with two pockets*. Label one side “To Do” and the other “To turn in.” (I also including your child’s name on the folder in case it’s left somewhere.) Remind your child this folder goes with them to every class!

By putting all homework in one spot this helps minimize the number of places your student needs to look to find what they need to do and what they need to turn in.  The students I work with find this to be the simpliest and most effective tool for staying on top of their assignments and turning them in.

*Some students like to buy an accordian file so they can have one folder/subject.

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