150416_LesleyMartin_045-408-EditLesley knows students.
She’s been working with them for over 15 years.

Lesley’s previous roles include classroom teacher, personal tutor, and track & field coach. In other words, she’s worked with students in every capacity and understands the impact that school and activities have on their lives. She’s well-versed in the challenges that middle and high school students face today, and she knows how to address them.

She understands how teenage minds work. In fact, she wrote two books on it. Where’s my Stuff? and Make the Grade focus on organization and time management, different ways kids learn, getting and staying motivated, methods to avoid procrastination, goal setting, study skills, and more.

She also created ClassTracker®. These Customized Academic Planners are currently used by over 30,000 students annually in the Bay Area. Working with over 30 public and private schools gives Lesley unique insight into how each school works, and what each student needs to flourish within it.

She also understands how you, the parent, can help. You play an important role in your child’s success. Lesley will work with you on how to best support your child just the right amount to help them thrive.

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