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Designing for students

Organizing and prioritizing can be two of the most challenging tasks faced by today’s teenagers. A teenager who masters these skills is well on their way to achieve success both in school and in life. My goal is to offer students the tools and the tricks that will get them there.

In the course of developing ClassTracker® Planners, I recognized that there were many gaps in what students needed to help them become better organized and what they were being offered in the marketplace. Most books on this topic were, in fact, written for parents. I visualized ClassTracker as an opportunity for me to create a calendaring system for students that is not only approachable and interesting for teens but also works in consort with their individual/specific classes and scheduling.

Books geared towards high school success have traditionally been written more like textbooks, rather than designed for a teen reader. In Make the Grade, I worked with the publisher to develop both content and a design that will have great appeal to a teen reader, peppering the book with short sidebars filled with digestible quick tips. I share strategies about how to learn and make the most out of school, including how to manage stress, set goals, and how to learn how to study. In Where’s My Stuff, we went further, describing tips and tricks for organizing school stuff, managing time and activities and setting up your room by engaging the students with graphics, quizzes and step-by-step directions.